SPRINGFIELD ARMORY was one of the manufacturers who chose not to attend SHOT Show in Las Vegas this year; their awards were mailed to them.

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1. Exceeding The Competition

When the Springfield Armory XDs 9 hit the market some years ago, it quickly became a favorite choice among the then 10,000+ women who selected the 22015 awards. The XDs had a more aggressive grip that its competition and a more smooth action, including trigger pull. The balance of the XDs still today outdoes the competition's comparable popular compact 9's which helps with recoil and overall control of the gun. The sights are great right out of the box and the accuracy is impressive. Some men have complained that the model had a recall; but not one of our tens-of-thousands of women considered it a negative. Women are comforted with a manufacturer that keeps its products in the best working order possible. Women care about reliability and quality. Some of the competitor's compact 9's have had recalls as well. The difference is the customer service of Springfield Armory and the turn around time once the repair is received. For all the reason stated, the XDs 9 is a consistent winner among the tens-of-thousands of women who weigh in each year and 2022 was no different.

2. In The Mix

It is very important to note that other well-known top selling brands of handguns appropriate for concealed carry are included the mix during training. Unlike most surveys that are offered on social media and in many industry publications, typically there is never a comprehensive selection of all available competitive manufacturer handgun options from which to choose. SFWA does include those models in the mix and interestingly, when testing other handguns on the market, again, Springfield Armory's XDs 9" is a consistent winner among women for its trigger pull, ease of operation and accuracy in a gun that is easily concealed for self-defense purposes, and truly increases the odds a woman will prevail in a fight for her life!

3. The Result

Sadly, women who rely on what others suggest consistently select concealed carry handguns without the benefit of being fully informed as to what is available in the market today. The Ladies Choice Awards are selected by fully informed students who have shot the handguns and have made educated decisions. The Ladies Choice Award winning product selections have the features and benefits that do not compromise the elements that will increase the odds of prevailing when seconds count. The result is that guns fit your unique qualities, are reliable and easier to control when you are in a fight for your life.

4. Who Weighs In

More than 100,000 women who have taken a minimum 4-8 hour course from SFWA Master Certified Instructors contribute to the selection of the best guns and gear for women. The selections are not the "preferences" of SFWA, its instructors or its affiliates. No one is provided compensation or other forms of persuasion that will affect the non-bias selection of the award winners. Unlike most surveys that are offered on social media and in many industry publications, there is always a comprehensive selection of all carry options from which to choose for the Ladies Choice Awards.

The overall criteria to be considered as a “Ladies Choice Award” recipient includes: a women-friendly company that designs products that actually work well for women, are easy for them to use, perform as they expect, and understands that it is NOT about pink [although customization options are appreciated]. Often, manufacturers make alterations to their existing products or create products at the direction of SFWA that meet the needs of women. 


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The SPRINGFIELD XDs 9 has rivaled the competition since it was first introduced. The grip, sights and action of the gun results in exceptional performance!

In 2015, more than 10,000+ women weighed in on what women really want!

SFWA doesn't sell products, we put them to the test for quality and performance
. . . and then share the most popular choices and why they truly are designed for the modern woman!

SPRINGFIELD ARMORY received TWO 2015 LADIES CHOICE AWARDS for Guns and Gear for the Modern Woman in Las Vegas . . .

NV, Las Vegas 1/22/2015:  

Springfield Armory was honored with two awards, the EMP 9mm and the XD-S 9mm. The 1911 style EMP 9mm is coveted by virtually every person who pulls the trigger. The XD-S 9mm has a more aggressive grip than competitor models making it exceptionally easy for women to securely hold while shooting with only two fingers on the grip. The triggers on both models (although very different operationally) are smooth and responsive. The slide on both models operate so smoothly and you hardly notice any recoil, smooth as butter! Dawn Wehunt, Range Program Coordinator/Dealer Assistance and Response Team (and competitive shooter who had the joy of assembling her own Springfield Armory competition handgun at the factory, beautifully customized in purple), accepted the awards and emphasized, "The EMP is a phenomenal 1911, it's the smallest one on the market in 9 mm.  The XD-S . . . has been a huge hit for Springfield Armory and we are very happy to have the ladies vote these two awards to us."


Dawn Wehunt Accepted Two 2015 LADIES CHOICE Awards for Springfield Armory!